Every man is indeed bound to do
what he can to promote the good
of others, and a man who is of
no use to anyone is strictly worthless

Rene Descartes

Our Philosophy

We were inspired by the ideas of the French scientist René Descartes and laid it in the principle of his work «rules of achieving truth». In the direction of our business we put the recognition of the importance of common sense and search for an ideal solution. The philosophy of the Alliance is based on the dualism of Descartes: benefits and usefulness, technology and personality, profits and people.
We believe that the balance of these parameters enables us to achieve our goals and benefit society. It is important for us to organize the job and have outpaced the expectations. Putting the person first, we introduce him with technology, simplify the entrance to the Digital Age and free up time for development and creativity. We strive to make human life simple, rich and harmonious, make life consonant with the inner and outer world.

Our principles

The world is changing very quickly: people, goals and benchmarks are changing too.  But our principles remain the same. The base of our philosophy determines our relationship to work, to people, to the world. This is our standards. And regular reconciliation with them allows us to develop.


To innovate

Open up to everything new
— to technologies, to knowledges and to changes Constantly improve the products and personal skills.


To strive for leadership

To be one step ahead of the others. To stay ahead of client expectations. To keep on doing our job in a better way.


Always stay honest

Always stay honest to colleagues, partners, clients and ourselvesIt provides open communications and productive engagement.


To show respect

To show respect for the opinions of others, for the professionalism of colleagues , for the decisions.


To see personality

Promotion of personal development. Unlocking the potential creates uniqueness of business and increases its productivity.

Our values

No work exists for its own sake. There are some values that we share, that gives meaning to our activities, allows to work “with one voice” and makes the uniqueness of the company.


The dialogue and constructive feedback

Hear each other, respect someone else’s point of view and argue your stance. Give understandable, sincere and timely feedback that makes work more comfortable and productive.


Personal example

Share experiences, inspire with attitude to colleagues and work.


Teamwork and support

Help colleagues, be responsive and thank for co-operation. Well-knit team is a favorable atmosphere and meaningful results.


Involvement and enterprise

Take the initiative and flexibility in solving problems and tasks. Look for non-standard solutions, take hands-on approach.



Conscientious attitude to work. Make decisions that justify trust.